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What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Are you still in pain and worried that you won’t qualify for future benefits after your impairment rating?

What happens if you’re unhappy with the maximum medical improvement determination? 

Can you ask for a second opinion?

After a doctor determines your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), the doctor will provide you with an impairment rating. Your employer's insurance company will then use the doctor's determination to decide what, if any, future benefits you’re entitled to. If the insurance carrier admits permanent disability it will be done through a document called a "final admission of liability." At this point, any temporary disability benefits you have been receiving will stop.

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According to Colorado state law, the insurer's decision will fall into one of four categories:

No future benefits: Your employer’s insurance company will decide that you’re not disabled and don’t require any further medical treatment related to your injury. 

Maintenance care benefits: Your employer’s insurer may determine that you need to undergo future medical care to maintain your condition. You can reach MMI even you need future care, as long as that future care is not expected to significantly improve your condition. 

Permanent partial disability: Permanent partial disability is awarded when you experience a permanent impairment or loss of function of a body part or body system, but you’re not so disabled that you can no longer work. Workers with permanent partial disability are entitled to a fixed benefit payment based on the doctor's disability rating and formulas set by state law. 

Permanent total disability: Permanent total disability is awarded to you if you’re disabled to the point that you can no longer earn wages in any future job. Permanent total disability benefits are paid for life. Usually, they’re the same as the temporary total disability payments that were made before you reached MMI; however, there’s a 50 percent offset for Social Security Disability benefits if you’re receiving these.

Are These MMI Decisions Final?

No, you’re allowed to dispute the doctor's determination that indicates MMI has been reached by asking for a Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME). Essentially, this is a request that another doctor issue a "second opinion" about your medical condition.

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