Monday, July 31, 2017

Understanding the Hearing Process

Are you worried about your hearing?

Are you afraid you won’t be compensated fairly for your injury?

Are you unsure what to expect during the hearing process?

At Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC., we want you to know everything you can expect up front! As a result, you won’t be misled by the insurance company during questioning. You’ll know exactly what to say. Your mind will be much more at ease!

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied after you file, it will usually take three to four months to get a hearing. While an expedited hearing can be requested, it will usually not occur any faster than a regular hearing, because the other side often asks for a continuance to prepare their defense.

What Does the Hearing Process Include?

Colorado workers compensation attorneyDiscovery- During discovery, both sides exchange information, facts and evidence that will potentially be used in the hearing.

Medical Records- The respondents for the insurance companies will ask about your medical records for the past 10 years. This is one of the key defenses they have against your claim as they explore whether you have a history of similar injuries that were not work-related.

Pre-Existing Conditions- We’ll work closely with you to identify how your workplace accident triggered the pre-existing condition or how it made it worse than it already was, if applicable.

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