Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What if I Was Injured While Taking a Break?

Were you injured while taking a break at work?

Are your doctor bills piling up?

Do you want to know what your rights are?
Grand Junction workers compensation attorneys

While workers’ comp laws vary from state to state, in many cases, companies will have to pay if a worker is injured in recreational, social or athletic injuries if they happen during the course of employment. For example, your employer might have to pay comp for an injury if:

  • The activity took place on company premises during lunch or a recreational event;
  • Your company required participation; or
  • Your company received direct benefit from the worker’s participation, such as advertising the company logo on shirts or hats during games or practice.

It’s important to consult with expert Grand Junction workers compensation attorneys about your rights. Last year, we won many workers compensation benefits for our clients ranging from simple cases to very complex ones. We’re willing to take on many cases that other attorneys find too difficult. Almost no case is too big or too small! We’ll investigate your case thoroughly and make sure you’re not being deprived out of what’s rightfully yours.

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