Friday, February 24, 2017

Colorado Work Injury Settlements

Have you suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident at work?

Are you worried about paying your medical bills?

Are you having problems making ends meet?

In the state of Colorado, the property owner has a responsibility to keep the sidewalk clear and free of obstacles, but the person who's walking also has some responsibility for their own safety. If you slip and fall in a parking lot that you’re designated to park in, your employer is automatically responsible without question.

It’s very common that you may have a third party claim as well. For example, if you get into a car accident in a designated parking lot with another driver and suffer a severe injury, you may have a third party claim. You may be able to sue the driver of the vehicle, as well as, retain workers compensation benefits for lost wages as a result of having to take time off work.

If you have evidence to help support your claims, you have a better shot at proving your case and ultimately receiving the best settlement for your injury. However, are you afraid that with even a mountain of evidence your insurance company will cheat you out of what’s rightfully yours? You may need to speak with an experienced attorney about your rights!

Contact Experienced Glenwood Springs Workers Comp Attorneys Today!

If you’re unsure whether you qualify or if you believe you’ve been wrongfully denied workers compensation benefits, speak to our experienced Glenwood Springs workers comp attorneys today! We make sure you and your case get the attention you deserve!

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