Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Can I Tell If My Injury is Work Related?

Did you suffer from any previous injuries?

Were you doing something for the benefit of your employer and got injured or became ill as a result?

Do you have a witness who says they can testify to seeing your accident happen at work?

Having to prove your injury is work-related can be tricky business, but our Glenwood Springs

glenwood springs workers comp attorneys
workers comp attorneys at Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC. are up for the challenge! We’ve successfully represented clients for over 54 years and strive to provide fair, honest, and aggressive representation. Our expert workers compensation lawyers would like to ensure that your rights are protected!
Some common situations where workers compensation may be covered include:

1.    Preexisting conditions where your job aggravates your condition
2.    Hearing loss obtained at construction sites or manufacturing plants
3.    Mental conditions caused by witnessing traumatic events at work
4.    Diseases and illnesses caused by your work environment
5.    Traveling for work purposes ONLY as directed by your employer, not including your commute to and from work

Hire Our Experienced Glenwood Springs Workers Comp Attorneys

Are you in a similar situation? You’ve come to the right place! People are often misled by the insurance company handling their case and miss out on a lot of benefits. Contact our experienced Glenwood Springs workers comp attorneys at Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC. today!

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