Monday, June 15, 2020

Eligibility for Worker’s Compensation After Exposure to COVID-19 On-the-Job

Were you exposed to COVID-19 on the job and later tested positive?

Was personal protective equipment missing in your workplace?

Are you having trouble paying your bills because of your illness?
Colorado workers compensation attorney

According to the Department of Labor and Employment for Colorado, “regulation is imperatively necessary for the preservation of public health, safety, or welfare as ensuring operation of the workers’ compensation system is imperative to preserve the health of the citizens of Colorado.”

As reported cases of COVID-19 increase, it places a significant strain upon medical resources. Emergency rules are being promoted to increase access to telehealth services in order to assure injured workers maintain access to reasonable and necessary medical care while complying with physical distancing guidelines and mandates. COVID-19-related actions to promote physical distancing have disrupted workers’ ability to receive in-person care for their job-related injuries and illnesses. Continuity of care is essential to monitor the progress of recovery. Treatment delays impede recovery and may increase claims costs.

Eligible for Workers’ Compensation for COVID-19 Illness? Contact an Experienced Colorado Workers’ Comp Attorney!

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