Friday, December 15, 2017

Ways Employers May Avoid Paying for Workers’ Compensation

Is your employer trying to avoid paying your workers’ compensation claim?

Are you worried you’ll be forced to go back to work before you’re ready?

Do you have health coverage that will cover future medical treatment?
colorado workers compensation attorneys

If you’re having a hard time getting your employer to pay for your injury, it’s about time you hire one of our experienced Colorado workers’ compensation attorneys. We’ll be by your side through the whole process, so you can take your mind off the legal issues and focus on getting better. 

Some employers avoid using workman's comp by forcing an employee to return to work. Your employer may say that you won’t be required to perform your regular duties, but the work could still exacerbate your injury. They may even offer to pay your regular wages. It could be more than you’d receive through workers' compensation, however, you won’t be eligible for coverage of future medical treatment, or be protected from termination. 

You could be threatened with being fired or your employer could delay the entire process until you give up filing for worker’s compensation. A dishonest employer may request that an employee use his or her own health insurance to cover the medical costs of the injury, but this may prevent the employee from filing for workman's comp in the future or at least subject you to collection and being personally responsible for medical bills.

At Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC., our Colorado workers’ compensation attorneys will advocate your rights, and help you secure the benefits you need and deserve! 

If you have questions or concerns about your claim for workers’ compensation in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, please call us at (970) 945-2396 today to set up an appointment to discuss your rights. Your initial consult with our office is free!

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