Friday, September 1, 2017

Job Related Hearing Loss Workers Compensation Claims

Have you suffered hearing loss or tinnitus from your job?

Has your quality of life diminished due to your hearing injury?

Are you having a hard time finding work because you’re now hard of hearing?
Colorado Workers Compensation Attorney

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), employers are obligated to focus on the following to minimize hearing loss: noise exposure monitoring, engineering and administrative controls, use of hearing protection devices, education, and noise level evaluation.

Did your workplace follow the CDC’s rules before your accident? Imagine how your life would be different if your employer followed the required safety precautions for preventing hearing loss.  

Individuals who suffer from hearing loss can face a reality in which they experience difficulty:
  • hearing high frequency sounds
  • understanding speech
  • communicating with loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors
  • playing with children and grandchildren
  • participating in normal social activities

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The first step in asserting your rights and getting your legally owed compensation is contacting a Colorado workers’ compensation attorney. If your health has been affected by your job, you’ve been hurt enough. Let us take some of the burden and worry away!

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