Saturday, April 15, 2017

Knee Injury Workers Compensation Benefits in Colorado

Do you suffer from a knee injury?

Are you able to work after suffering from your knee injury?

Do you have sufficient evidence to prove that your injury happened on the job and that it wasn’t a pre-existing condition?

Many people are unsure whether they qualify for workers compensation benefits after a knee injury, especially if they suffer from a pre-existing condition. In the state of Colorado, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits, however it’s important to speak with experienced Colorado workers compensation attorneys first to make sure!  

According to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act, you may qualify for temporary total disability pay. In addition, your medical bills may be covered by the company’s workers compensation insurance, including mileage to and from the doctor. Call our workers compensation attorneys' today to see if you qualify!

Additionally, insurers may provide partial and or total disability benefits for a workers’ compensation settlement if you’re unable to return to employment. Attorneys at our firm will also fight for your right to claim your settlement over a period of time, or in a lump-sum payment.

Contact Experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys in Colorado Today!

If you’re unsure whether you qualify or if you believe you’ve been wrongfully denied workers compensation benefits, speak to our experienced Colorado workers compensation attorneys today! We make sure you and your case get the attention you deserve!

The initial consult with our office is free! If you have a question or concern about your claim for Colorado Workers' Compensation, please set up an appointment with us to discuss your rights. Attendance

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