Monday, August 15, 2016

6 Tips for Improved Workplace Safety

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can you do to keep yourself safer at work. Here are 6 tips for workplace safety.

1.    Training
Should be a no-brainer, right? If you’re doing anything dangerous at work, you should have the proper training, so make sure you do. Less obvious is making sure your co-workers are also well trained. Maybe you don’t operate a forklift, but you want whoever does to know what he or she is doing!
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2.    Environment
If you’re environment isn’t safe, being well-trained might not matter. If you work with heavy machinery, for example, your equipment should be maintained and inspected for safety. Your workspace is also subject to safety codes; ask around and make sure your company is doing its due diligence to keep you safe!

3.    Equipment
Should you be wearing a hardhat, gloves, mask, or steel-toed boots? Make sure you’re decked out in the gear that will keep you safe. First aid and other emergency equipment should also be accessible. If you can’t see a fire extinguisher from your workspace, find out where it is or talk to a supervisor about beefing up safety measures.

4.    No Shortcuts
If you’ve been at your job a long time, taking a shortcut once in a while might be tempting, but you must resist! Always follow procedure and best practices; some of that stuff is designed to keep you safe. You could compromise your workers comp claim and reduce benefits by 50 percent if safety rules or equipment wasn’t used at the time of your injury.

5.    Cleanliness
Maintaining a clean workspace makes your environment safer. Something as simple as spilled water could cause a disaster for you or a co-worker. Set an example of workplace safety and keep it clean!

6.    Health
Staying healthy outside of work can help you stay safer in your workplace. If you have a physical job, staying fit is important to your safety. Getting enough sleep and downtime will help you be healthier, more alert, and safer at work.

Follow these tips and be safer at work!

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