Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Injuries and Illnesses Covered By Workers Compensation in Colorado

Were you injured at work?

Are you temporarily or permanently disabled?

Are you wondering what types of work injuries and illnesses are covered by Colorado workers compensation laws?

The Glenwood Springs workers compensation attorney at Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC. handles many different types of workers compensation lawsuits every day. It always makes sense to consult with an attorney first. No matter what the case, we’ll let you know whether or not an attorney is needed immediately.

Common Types of Work Injuries:
Glenwood Springs workers compensation attorney

1.    Overexertion injuries
2.    Slip and fall injuries
3.    Vehicle accidents
4.    Machine entanglement
5.    Repetitive motion injuries
6.    On the job violent acts
7.    Cuts, lacerations and punctures
8.    Bruises and contusions
9.    Heat burns and scalds

Common Types of Work Illnesses:

1.    Musculoskeletal disorders
2.    Asbestos
3.    Respiratory disease
4.    Cancer
5.    Stress-related and psychological disorders

Are you suffering from any of these injuries or illnesses? You could be entitled to Glenwood Springs workers compensation benefits! Don't back down from defending yourself and standing up for your rights! Imagine no more calls from debt collectors! You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is taken care of even if you can’t work.

Hire an Experienced Glenwood Springs Workers Compensation Attorney

Contact our experienced Glenwood Springs workers compensation attorney at Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC. today! We make sure you and your case get the attention you deserve!

The initial consult with our office is free. If you have a question or concern about your claim for Colorado Workers' Compensation, please set up an appointment with us to discuss your rights.

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