Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Is it Reasonable to Worry About Being Fired for Filing a Claim?

Have you heard about people losing their jobs after filing a workers’ compensation claim? Are you considering keeping quiet about a workplace injury so you can keep your job?

Colorado law has a few specific statutes which lay out the rules and regulations for termination of employment. No statute exists to protect workers who have filed compensation claims from being fired, but common law does provide some protection.
Colorado Workers Compensation Attorney

It is illegal for an employer to fire a worker because that worker filed a compensation claim. However, the act being illegal does not keep people from doing it. Because you must prove you were fired because of the workers’ compensation claim, some employers may find another reason to justify your termination, creating a loophole in the law.

So, unfortunately, worrying about losing your job after filing a claim is reasonable; but you should know, the law is on your side!

If your health has been affected by your job, you’ve been hurt enough. Take some of the burden and worry off your plate by contacting a Colorado workers’ compensation attorney. With an expert by your side through the whole process, you can take your mind off the overwhelming legal issues and focus on getting better. Call today and get the support you deserve!

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