Friday, September 30, 2016

Is Corporate America Failing Its Injured Workers?

Did you know that some states are opting out of the workers compensation system?

Did you know that as a result, it may be harder for injured workers like you to retain any kind of workers compensation benefits?

According to an article written by ProPublica and NPR, “their investigation discovered that unlike most traditional workers’ comp benefits, which can guarantee lifetime medical care, the Texas plans cut off treatment after about two years. Many injured workers are still recovering after that time period; therefore, this time limit drastically affects the fair compensation an injured worker should be entitled to.”
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Luckily, Colorado isn’t yet one of the states giving companies the option to opt out! The working class American is still a top priority in the state.  According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, an employer must have workers compensation insurance if they have one or more employees. 

Regardless of your situation, you deserve your legally owed compensation, and shouldn’t have to fear that you won’t be able to provide for your family. Our Glenwood Springs workers compensation attorneys have helped people from every walk of life, whether you’ve immigrated here, your boss tells you that you don’t deserve worker’s comp, or possibly even if you’re suffering from a work-related illness years after it happened.

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