Monday, February 15, 2016

I Was Injured in a Car Accident on the Job. What Are My Workers Compensation Rights?

Did you report the injury immediately to your employer?

Did you seek medical attention?

Are you unable to work because of your injury?

If you were injured in a car accident on the job it’s important to report your injury to your employer immediately. Employers must file an injury report to the Division of Workers’ Compensation within 3 days of the date of your injury. Otherwise, you may have a hard time if you suffer repercussions from your injury later.  
Steamboat Springs Workers Compensation

However, depending on the facts of the case, our attorneys may be able to maximize all the benefits you’re entitled to. We can’t promise anything, but we will fight for what’s rightfully yours!

What does this actually mean? It means that it always makes sense to consult with an attorney first. No matter what ends up happening with your case, we’ll let you know whether or not an attorney is needed immediately or at all.

In general, workers’ compensation will cover two things: lost wages and medical expenses. Your employer is required to pay you at least two thirds of what you would normally make while you recover, and you may get additional benefits depending on the seriousness of your injury or the length of your recovery.

If you want to file a claim for workers compensation benefits against your employer in the Western Slope region, but would like to ensure that your rights are protected, call our Steamboat workers compensation attorney today!

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