Sunday, November 15, 2015

What Kind of Workers Compensation in Rifle, Colorado, am I Entitled to?

Have you been injured on the job? Are the bills piling up while you try to figure out what you’re owed? Has someone close to you been hurt or killed in a workplace accident?

Even if you know that all Colorado employees have a right to workers’ compensation benefits, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what that includes. Are there benefits out there that you don’t know about? What’s covered and what isn’t? You’re not alone. Many workers who’ve fallen ill, or been injured, struggle to find the answers to questions they’ve never had to ask before. 

Rifle workers compensation

In general, workers’ compensation will cover two things: lost wages and medical expenses. Your employer is required to pay you at least two thirds of what you would normally make while you recover, and you may get additional benefits depending on the seriousness of your injury or the length of your recovery. 

In the unfortunate event that someone close to you dies on the job, you can claim a “death benefit” that includes up to $7,000 for funeral expenses. Your employer may also have promised additional benefits over the minimum. 

Your injury doesn’t need to be caused by a single accident to be covered. Problems that appear over time, like back strain and lung or heart conditions, are still covered as long as they are related to your job. Even if you’re injured at a required social event your employer is holding, you can still claim workers compensation.

If your injury is caused by a third party, for example a subcontractor or partner, you can still claim benefits, depending on the specifics of your situation.

It is not possible to forfeit your workers’ compensation, but you can lose some of it if you aren’t careful. If you didn’t use or follow the safety devices precautions set out by your employer, or if you were drunk at the time of your injury, you can lose up to 50% of your benefits, not including medical expenses.

Aggressively pursuing all the benefits you deserve while also dealing with an illness or injury can be exhausting and take a long time, which is why the services of workers’ compensation lawyers like Kaufman & Kaufman are so valuable. You won’t find anyone else as experienced with Rifle workers’ compensation- we can help you get each and every dollar you deserve, and we’ll keep talk with you often to keep you in the loop as we do.

To learn more about the benefits you’re entitled to and how you can make sure you get them, fill out the information form on our site or call us at (970) 945-2396. You can schedule a free confidential meeting to talk with an experienced Rifle workers’ compensation attorney and plan your strategy. No fees unless you win!

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